Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone. It has been a beautiful weekend here on the North Shore. A perfect opportunity to get into the garden and tidy up after all the wet weather we have had. Lots of weeds, my favourite thing to do weeding and also a bit of tree trimming. My DH asked if I would help him as he needed to trim a branch off a tree that was leaning over the fence. It has been rubbing on our neighbours campervan. So off we went ladder in hand. Now my husband likes to give everything a go, but it has to be said he is not the handyist man around. If there is a difficult way to do things he will find it. So here I am holding the ladder which he has leaning against the branch of a tree, while he starts to saw off the branch. The branch in question was at least a metre away from me but guess where it landed, right on my head. Off course I couldn't move or my DH would have gone tumbling. Now it would have been okay if it had only happened once but 3 times he managed to get me on the head with falling branches. There was a lot of apologising from him and a bit of cursing from me. But the neighbours will be happy.

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