Monday, September 1, 2008

So Spoilt

I am being so spoilt by my sbs23 sisters. I have been given another award. Thanks so much Roxy. A little message for my sister, I have been having trouble making comments on some of your blogs, it is probably my line as I am on dial up and we have had a lot of wet weather, which seems to affect my internet connection. please bear with me I will get to all of you.

As with the previous award I am able to nominate 7 blogs. As I am still getting to all of my sisters, I will nominate one person now and then choose some others. I wanted to give my friend Karen another award. Karen is part of the team I am in for Stampin' Up!. Karen works full time , but also seems to find time to help us all out. Karen has helped several of our team start blogs and is always there for assistance. She always makes lovely comments on everyones blogs (something I really need to work on). Hope you enjoy this Karen.


kareNstampZ said...

ohh I feel so special - it's easy as you're all so lovely

Paper doll said...

Hi Anne, so happy to be stopping by for a visit. Happy for you that your DH is arrving home.

Your SBS23 sis

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