Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Stamping Resolution

Hi Ladies

With the new year already in its second week I thought I would share some of my new craft resolutions. My first resolution for 2009 is to blog more often. I don't think I mentioned on my last post, we have signed up for broad band and last night we were able to use it for the first time. Wow what a difference. I could not believe how fast it was. No 2 is to make weekly comments on my sbs23 sisters blogs. I neglected my duty severely at the end of last year as dial up made my life difficult. I have started off well though, last night I visited everyone's blog to say new year. No 3 to do a scrapbook page at least once a fortnight. I enjoy scrapbooking but don't scrap as often as I would like. No 4. Be more organised. I am a shocking procrastinater at times and leave things to the last minute.

Thats my top 4. I would love to hear of any craft resolutions that you have for the new year. Thanks for stopping by.

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