Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's day. I don't often get to post on a Sunday but because it is Mothers day I have been able to have a play on the computer. I have been very spoilt today. Firstly I got to sleep in and then just after I got up my DH arrived with a lovely coffee. Great start to the day. I have had a very nice relaxing day, went down to the park and took some photos of James and Richard trying to use Jame's boomerang. Hopefully some good scrapbook pages there. I had to share with you the lovely cards Caitlin and James made for me. This first card is from James. James doesn't really like making card anymore so this is quite a big deal . I love the way he has glittered the inside of the flower. James has an alphabet set and he told me it took him 3 goes to get the Best Mum right. Thanks darling.

The next cards and poems are from Caitlin. She writes the loveliest poems and always gives me several cards and other things such as vouchers.

I have been very spoilt and I feel very lucky to have such great kids. James and Caitlin got me a cropodile for mothers day, I am hoping it will arrive on Tuesday.

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